Thursday, September 27, 2007


WOO HOO! I got my new camera yesterday. I, FINALLY, got a chance to play around with it today. :-) I am SO EXCITED! If you all remember this post you know that my BIL has a very cool camera. Well, he HAD a very cool camera. Now, it is MINE, MINE, MINE!! :-) Thanks to my family, it is now my birthday present. :-)
Here are some photos my brother and I took. Can you guess which feature we like the best? :-)
My brother took the above photo. I thought it was really cool. :-)

Little Mark gave me this flower. He picked it from our front yard.

My brother also took the above photo. I just love the feature of only showing one color!

This picture is actually a painting of our mom. It is her Senior photo. My Daddy had it when he was in Vietnam, and he got a man there to paint it. It is kind of great, because the photo was black and white, and Daddy had to tell him Mom's hair/eye color, etc... It still hangs in our living room. My brother took the photo using the same feature we used in the above photos, and it featured the "pink" shades. It is really cool.

Thank you, again, Laslo!!! :-)


Wendy Darling


Princess LadyBug said...

Man! I NEED a camera. :P

By the way, is that candy corn in that picture?

WendyDarling said...

Why, yes it is. :-) Cleggy took that one. :-) He stuck the lens in his bag of candy corn. :-)

Laslo Hollyfield said...

Hey I think those foot pictures are copyrighted... =) hee hee

WendyDarling said...

You're right, Laslo. :-) Since you always do your shoe, I thought I would "give you a nod", but do my sock instead. LOL.. :-)