Sunday, June 01, 2008

"Bees"... the finale (we hope)

Well, the "bee keeper" came back this morning as promised. He managed to get the board off of the roof in one peace and...... the bees were gone. He "shot smoke" further into the roof and down the wall and nothing came out. Nothing made noise. Nothing was there.

There were still a few bees in that same area, flying in and out of the hole, but the colony was GONE.

I kept asking, "Are you sure they aren't further down the roof or walls?" He said, "No, they wouldn't do that." He even showed me where they started making a hive. Just little dots really, but it was a start. He then said, "For some reason they changed their mind and moved on." I asked him, "then why are the other bees still here?" He said they could very well be scouts from a second colony, and they were attracted to the little hive that had been started. UH OH!

So, he put everything back together and even sealed up the two holes for us. So, no more bees in that spot! :-) We are so thankful it wasn't any worse.

We do have his number, and if I ever see a colony like that, again, I am calling him immediately to come and get them. He did say that "bee moving season" is about over. Late May/June they already have their homes and thankfully it isn't with us. :-) Hopefully, that is the end of the bee story.

On another note, I did take "Little Mark" to see "Caspian" last night. I didn't tell him anything about it, or give him my opinion on the movie, because I wanted his honest opinion of it. His opinion is "I like the book better, but the movie is okay." I have to admit that I did like it a little better the second time around. I guess because the first time I spent so much time going "that wasn't in the book!" I still like the book a lot better, but it was okay.

I did get rather upset with the movie theater though, for several reasons. First, while waiting in line to buy our tickets to see the movie "Little Mark" spent most of the time watching the trailers for other movies on the monitors. He kept repeating, "I can't see that" and "I want to see that." Why is it that almost every movie trailer they showed was for a rated "R" movie?

Then, when we got in the theater we sat through 15 minutes of Verizon commercials. I kid you not! 3 "mini movies" that were commercials for Verizon. Then, in the last commercial they were playing a song called "No sex for Ben." This, before a "family" movie. To say I was annoyed is an understatement. "Little Mark" even looked over at me and commented, "Uh, that is NOT appropriate to play. There are kids in here." He then motioned to younger children sitting in the row in front of us. I was already cringing, because I didn't want to hear a song like that either.

Then, they had to spend another 20 minutes showing commercials for shows airing on ABC. I assume this is because it was a "Disney" movie and "Disney" owns ABC. Even "Little Mark" became very agitated at this. But, once we sat through about 15 minutes of coming attractions the movie finally began. What is it with the movie industry/movie theaters? Which one is to blame for all of that nonsense/inappropriate ads?

We don't go to the movies very often, so this may be something that everyone is used to and I am just now being exposed to it. I am afraid that our "movie theater" experience may be coming to a close anyway. Many in our family just cannot go to the movies anymore, because the volume is SO LOUD. I was almost at that point last night. It was rather loud. Granted, the quality of the film/sound was much better than what you get on a TV, but when it is so loud you can't enjoy it then it is a waste of money to go. So, I am afraid we are now going to have to wait for things to come out on DVD, or go to the drive-in, so we can control the volume. :-) We'll just have to see.

How about you? Can you go to the show, or do you wait for DVD?

Wendy Darling

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