Sunday, June 22, 2008

Last weekend/another milestone

It's been over a week since I told you I would tell you about last weekend. Sorry. :-) Well, we had a lot of fun. Every year our little town celebrates what we call "Tomato Fest". Our town has quite a history with tomatoes. At one time (1920s-1950s) we were known as the "Tomato Capital of the World." So, we remember our history with this little festival each year.

It is interesting though, that I have lived here 16 years, and this is the first time that I actually attended "Tomato Fest." Well, there was that one year in college that I participated in the "Battle of San Tomato." Our college and the rival college spent about 10 minutes throwing rotten tomatoes at each other. The winner was the one who had the largest/loudest group of support. We won. :-) But, I have been promising "Little Mark" for several years that we would go, and this year we actually made it.

Just take a look at that sky. It threatened rain all morning, and the wind did get a little strong at times, but it sure made the morning cooler. ;-) There were 150 booths this year, making it the largest "Tomato Fest" to date. We were expecting between 8,000-10,000 people to attend that day.

With so much locally grown produce we didn't have to worry about the salmonella outbreak with the tomatoes. As a matter of fact, the local growers are having a very productive year, and more people are "buying local" than ever. :-) Most of these vendors were sold out by early afternoon. :-)

So, what kind of "booty" did I leave with? A very good jar of locally made hot sauce. :-) "Little Mark" got a sausage on a stick, a hot dog and a bottle of water. Played a few games, in which he won one of them. Made a wand of "sand candy", and bought an official Houston Astros cap. (His favorite purchase of the day) All in all it was a fun day. :-)

And what is my milestone you ask? This is my 300th post. :-) I thought of doing something thought provoking, something sentimental; but I decided to just go along with my "fun post" I original had planned. :-) It's not a huge "Ta Da!" post, but let's face it... I didn't think I would last over a week or two at this whole "blogging thing." So, this is major for me. ;-) Thank you for sharing it with me. :-)

Wendy Darling


Princess LadyBug said...

Holy Moly! I don't even have HALF that number of posts. Man, I'm a slacker. :P

Astros cap, huh? That's my boy. :D

Julie said...

I love tomatoes! Yum.

Thanks for the comment. It just occurred to me that I now know 2 Wendys! Or are you Wendies?