Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My list

Cleggy put together this list on his blog. I really enjoyed it, and thought that I would take him up on the challenge. So, here is my list. I am also "stealing" his explanation, because he did it so well. :-) (I hope you don't mind, Cleggy.) :-) Here we go..

So, there's this radio show on the BBC that's been on for decades (since the 1940's, actually) called
Desert Island Discs. Basically, they get a celebrity (or some other important person) and ask them: "If you were stranded on an island and could only bring eight records with you, what would they be?" (Sometimes the answers will surprise you; for example, who knew that Colin Firth was such a fan of Curtis Mayfield, Beck, and Tom Waits?)

They also make them choose which of the eight they'd take if they could only take one, which book they'd take (although they give them The Bible and The Complete Works of William Shakespeare), and they can have one luxury item.

I decided to take this a little bit further. On the show, they have to choose singles. Sorry, can't do that. If you're allowing me to take a single, then there's obviously a turntable and it can play an LP as well as a 45, so you can go stuff yourself. Besides, in this day and age, it's probably a CD player, at least.

So, in my rules, I've allowed myself to choose eight albums.

(Thank you, self.

You're welcome.)

I will allow a two-CD set if it was made as such, but no cheating by saying "A Box Set of the Complete Works of So-and-So." Believe me, I was tempted, but you can only carry so much.

Oh, and I gave myself a Swiss Army Knife so I wouldn't have to use up my luxury item for that.

(Thanks again, self.

No problem at all.)

I appreciate the Swiss Army Knife, and I too will take it along. :-)


My Eight CDs:

  1. Casting Crowns- Casting Crowns

  2. Why Not Today - Eric Dodge- Cleggy MADE me choose. I couldn't do a "compilation" of the two. :-(

  3. American Graffiti Soundrack - I have liked this movie since I was little. I love the music, and I will need some variety on the island.

  4. Free At Last : DC Talk

  5. 50 Number One Hits - George Strait

  6. The Best of Guy Penrod - Guy Penrod

  7. Treasury of Christmas: Holiday Memories - Time Life Music - Yes, I am dead serious on this one!

  8. Best of GVB - Gaither Vocal Band

If you could only have one of the above?: This question is TOO HARD! I refuse to choose. I have to? :-( OK..... I choose.....Casting Crowns. (Sorry, Eric) :-)

If you could only have one book (not counting BIBLE and Complete Works of Shakespeare)?: I am taking Cleggy's answer. I know I am a girl, but I do want to survive, and this book looks like it has good information. :-) So, I am choosing The Dangerous Book for Boys or Every Boy's Book of Knowledge

If you could only have one luxury item (not counting Swiss Army Knife)?: I am assuming that since we get to take along CDs there is already a CD player with electricity or batteries. So, I don't have to waste my luxury item on that. :-) I am going to say a fully stocked tool kit. I will need something to build shelter, etc.

So there you have it. If you'd like to take on the challenge, please do; and let me know about it so I can read all about it. :-)

Wendy Darling

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