Friday, June 08, 2007

God is good, all the time....

My pastor says that all of the time, and it is true. This is a little update on the previous post. We did get the radiator fixed that same day, so we have had transportation.

After a week of boiling water to wash dishes and take showers the hot water heater is finally fixed. When I say "fixed" I really mean replaced. Just a word of warning people: LOWES and Whirlpool stink. We will never buy another product from either of them. Just saying.

In spite of it all it has been a great week. My sister "M" and her family have been with us for a few days, and it has been a lot of fun. ;-) The older nephew has enjoyed VBS WITH his new glasses. ;-)

The cake decorating class is off to a good start, even if the Lightning McQueen cake I am making for the party tomorrow isn't. I messed it up and have to start over. Darn the luck, now we have to eat ANOTHER cake. ;-) I'll post a picture of it when I am finished.

My brother in law, "T" and I got up at 5:15 this morning to head to the local rest area. We wanted to get some pictures of the sunrise. The clouds did not really want to cooperate, but we were patient. Even though we didn't get the sunrise we did get some pretty nice shots of the clouds. Should make a nice backdrop for future photos. :-) It's also really nice to have someone else in the family who really likes to take pictures, and doesn't mind getting up early, stay up late, or drive to "where ever" to get that "perfect" shot. ;-) I'm loving it!!

Here's a couple I took this morning. ;-)

Have a great day!


Wendy Darling

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Princess LadyBug said...

I gotta agree. He ROCKS!!!!