Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I need an indoor pool.....

I LOVE WATER AEROBICS!! There, I said it. I really do. Tonight I joined the nephew at the city pool. IN PUBLIC. IN SHORTS. Ya'll just do not know how much I had to overcome to do that. It took some MAJOR courage. Seriously. But, I am SO glad I did. It is so much fun! And, I have not hurt like this in a long time. But, it is a good hurt. :-)

I get up and exercise at least 5 mornings a week. For at least 45 minutes. I have been known to also do a shorter session at night as well. But, this really worked EVERYTHING. :-) I can't believe how great I feel.

When I first signed him up the instructor tried to get me to join too. I have known her for years. She is a wonderful woman, and was my aerobics instructor for two years in college. But, all I could picture was a bunch of skinny college girls in bikinis. NO WAY was I going in there in shorts.

I was wrong. There were women of all shapes and sizes. One lady, God bless her, was about my size. I said to myself, "If she can do it, I can do it!" And I let the instructor know that next time, I would be joining them.

Once I got the balance down, to where I wasn't trying to "float away" I did great!! :-) I would love to be able to do it at least 2-3 times a week. But, unfortunately the city pool closes on August 12th. So, my love of water aerobics is short lived. But, next year I will be skinnier, and ya'll, I will be out there the FIRST DAY! :-)

If you have never done water aerobics you really should try it. It will be the best workout you every had. You really don't feel like you're doing a lot, because you're underwater so it is so much easier on your joints. But, when you get out OH MY! You definitely feel it. :-)

I sure wish there was a YWCA or something around here. :-) LOL.. :-)

Wendy Darling


Princess LadyBug said...

Man are you making me want to join the YMCA so I can do it too. :P

WendyDarling said...

It is a lot of fun. I wish you were closer, so you could join us. :-) Shoot, just take off work on Thursday and go with us. LOL... :-)

Sarah said...

There is a YMCA across the street from my parents house, and my mom has started doing water aerobics. She loves it too! She said it's such a good workout, and she is already seeing progress after just 2 weeks. (She lost 35 on WW this past year!)

You're really an inspiration to me! I have wanted to join her a couple times, but have chickened out at the last minute because I don't want to get in a bathing suit at my size (or honestly, in public at all). Maybe I will try it out the next time I go home.

WendyDarling said...

Sarah, you are too good for my ego. :-) LOL....

I am so proud of your Mom! Please, tell her. I know you would really enjoy it if you do it. It really is fun, and a great workout. I am really feeling it this morning. :-)

Sarah said...

Once a cheerleader, always a cheerleader, I guess ;) But seriously, you are doing so well!!

My mom has been going every morning, and they had a new instructor this morning who kicked her butt! She is definitely feeling every bit of 57 today!