Thursday, July 26, 2007

Thomas Kinkade rocks!

I purchased this curriculum a couple of months ago. I have really liked this curriculum since the first time I viewed it, but today was the first day the nephew used it. Let me tell you, it is AMAZING. He totally got it from the first thing. He was so excited about drawing, and when I pointed out to him that letters were just straight lines and curved lines his handwriting IMMEDIATELY improved. :-)
I love the way Thomas Kinkade, the "Painter of Light", reassures the students that "God has given each of us many talents, and each of us were blessed with different levels of talent to draw. If you can draw a straight line and a curved line than you can draw ANYTHING."
The box says it is recommended for K-8 grades, and it is written for the young reader as well. It really awakened a desire to draw in my nephew, one who never really cared for that. :-) I am just so excited, and so satisfied with this program I had to share it with you.
OH, he also includes Bible devotionals in the teacher guide for the end of each unit. :-)
Wendy Darling


Gayle said...

OK, never heard of this but loving the concept. Thanks for the tip.

WendyDarling said...

You're very welcome. :-)

Kwizgiver said...

What a great concept! I love him.

BTW, I'm tagging you--what if this is as good as it gets?: career meme--tagged again!